S2 Ep1. おひさしぶりです


Hello. This is my podcast episode 1 of season 2. The last episode of season 1 was in July, so I was on a break for about three months. Even while I was on a break, the number of subscribers to my Youtube channel increased. Thank you very much.


What I have been doing for the past three months is preparing to go to university. Before, I studied art at university, but I have decided to go to university again, this time to study education. In education, I study the history of education, psychology, sociology, etc., in order to become a teacher. There is a university in Kyoto that is famous for education studies. I currently live in Osaka and can get to Kyoto by train in about an hour, so I have decided to go there. Most of the university’s classes are online, so I can take them while continuing to work. The university classes just started this month.


At university I have to read a lot of books and write essays. The essays need to be about 3,000 words. I am currently reading a book about the principles of education. This book was written by a professor at the university I go to. In this book, I can read about how the system of education started and what kind of education was provided in which countries. I study the history of education in Europe and Japan, and then think about the challenges of modern education. In modern education, problems include ‘Hinpu-no-sa’ (Wealth gap), education for social minorities, and ‘Futoukou’ (School non-attendance). ‘Hinpu-no-sa’ refers to the gap between rich people and poor people. ‘Futoukou’ refers to pupils not going to school.


I may not be able to update the podcast every week in the future due to university assignments and lectures, but I will try to continue as much as possible. Thanks for understanding. Well, I think that’s it for today. See you next time and thanks for listening!

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