S2 Ep9. 体調を崩す


Hello, This is episode 9 of season 2 of my podcast.  It will soon be cherry blossom season and many students are planning a trip to Japan. Last year and the year before, due to the coronavirus, many famous tourist attractions banned people from getting together for cherry blossom viewing. So this year’s cherry blossom viewing may be crowded. Cherry blossoms are also blooming in my neighbourhood park. I talked about this in the 20th episode of season 1, recorded last April. If you have time, please take a listen.


Last week I fell ill. I started feeling dizzy and having palpitations on Thursday and it got worse over the weekend. I decided to go to the hospital immediately after my first lesson on Sunday. Near my regular dentist there was a medical hospital that was open on Sundays. There I had a CTI test to find out what was causing the problem; in a CTI test, pictures are taken of the inside of your body. The examination showed that my stomach had swelled to about three times its size and was pressing on my other internal organs. The doctor explained that the duodenum (the part that connects the stomach to the intestines) was weakening.


I took the medicine given to me at the hospital and my symptoms went away. I had another check-up on Monday, after which I went to a bookshop and bought three sociology books. I recently learned the English word Shrinkflation. In Japanese, the same phenomenon is called ‘Suterusu nesage’ (stealth price reduction). ‘Suterusu’ (stealth) is taken from the name of a fighter jet. ‘Suterusu nesage’ means lowering the manufacturing / production cost of a product so that the consumer is unaware of it. For example, the size of the packaging is not changed, but only the size of the snacks inside is reduced and sold at the same price as before.


Inflation is likely to continue. Well, I think that’s it for today. See you next time and thanks for listening!

Notice: End of Youtube channel update

I don’t have enough time to edit videos recently, so I will stop updating my Youtube channel in season 2. Season 3 onwards will continue to be available on Spotify, Google Podcasts Apple Podcasts, and all other platforms listed below in this page. To everyone who subscribes to my Youtube channel, thank you so much for your supports.

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