S2 Ep12. 手術の後


Hello, this is episode 12 of season 2 of my podcast. It has been a little while since the last time. I have not been able to update the podcast as I have been in hospital since the 18th of this month for an operation for fibroids. The operation went well and I was discharged this morning, and I have to prepare for university classes starting at the end of May. The cherry blossoms have already fallen and it is getting warmer outside.


I usually work every day. It has been five years since I have taken more than a week off work. The last time I took time off work was when I travelled to Los Angeles in the spring of 2018. But it wasn’t a complete holiday because I continued working in Los Angeles. This time it was a complete holiday because I wasn’t able to use a computer or the Internet. When I was in hospital, I spent my time reading books and playing game apps. The operation was a success, but my wounds and condition have not fully recovered yet; I will have another check-up in a month’s time.

入院している間に読んだ本は、エマニュエル・トッド(Emmanuel Todd)の本です。エマニュエル・トッドは1951年生まれのフランスの歴史人口学者です。彼は人口、宗教、家族構成などの世界中の歴史のデータを研究して、これからの社会や政治の出来事を正確に予想できることで有名です。私は、第三次世界大戦の可能性について調べていたとき、彼のことを知りました。 学者じゃなくても、歴史や社会については、知識があるに越したことはありません。「越したことはない」とは、「何かは常に一番いいアイデア」という意味です。動詞・名詞・形容詞に使います。たとえば、健康に越したことはありません。

The book I read while I was in hospital was by Emmanuel Todd. Emmanuel Todd is a French historical demographer born in 1951. He is famous for his ability to accurately predict future social and political events by studying historical data from around the world, including population, religion and family structure. I found out about him when I was researching the possibility of World War III. Even if you are not an academic researcher, being knowledgeable about history and society ‘ni koshita koto wa nai’. ‘Koshita koto wa nai (is the best)’ means ‘something is always the best idea’. It is used for verbs, nouns and adjectives. For example, good health ‘ni koshita koto wa nai’ (there is nothing better than good health).


This month has been busy, but I enjoyed it because I was able to go to dinner with some students who had travelled to Japan. Well, I think that’s it for today. See you next time and thanks for listening!