• Japanese Medical Clinic Culture

    We live in an age where most information is available on the internet, but tacit understandings of culture and customs are still difficult to access. In this article, I will introduce some Japan-specific characteristics related to medical clinics.

  • Japanese idioms using body parts

    Even though idioms are not basic nouns or verbs, they are among the most essential expressions in everyday speech. Like other languages, Japanese has many idioms using body parts. In this article, I would like to introduce some of the most common idioms used in everyday life.

  • How to express your character with your online language in Japanese

    Video calls, once just a way of saving money on international calls, are now indispensable in everyday life. Social networking sites are used by almost everyone, regardless of age. With online communication now a major part of our lives, does the way we use language play the same role as it did in the past?

News: Furigana is available!

Furigana is added to scripts from season 2 episode 16.

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