S3E5. あたらしい計画けいかく


Hello. This is episode 5 of season 3 of my podcast. After I talked about my health problems in the last episode, some of my students were concerned. I haven’t been tested (for a stomach ulcer), but my symptoms are gone now. It was probably just food poisoning. I am fine. Thanks again for listening to the podcast.


It’s almost spring and I have more new students. Spring is the season when you want to start something new. I’m currently planning a lot of things myself. For example, in episode 3 I talked about buying wireless earphones. So last week, I installed a wireless LAN card in my computer so that I can use the earphones with my desktop computer. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the wireless LAN card were better than I expected, so I plan to make the keyboard and mouse wireless as well. That way there will be fewer cables and a cleaner desk area.


I have another plan. I often read in bed, but I don’t have a side table, so there is nowhere to put my drink. I exercise at home and I don’t want a side table in my room. I looked for a cup holder on the internet, but I couldn’t find one in the right size. So I’m thinking of using a 3D printer to make a cup holder that I can attach to the headboard of my bed. If you create your own 3D model, there are companies that will 3D print it for you if you send them the data.


Mentally, I’m ready for spring now, but the weather is not quite spring. It snowed this week. I hope it will warm up soon. Well, I think that’s it for today. See you next time and thanks for listening!