The Podcast

Japanese Lessons with Mayuna is a podcast about my daily life using common Japanese expressions. It is suitable for intermediate level learners. Each episode comes with a transcript with Furigana and an English translation.

The Host

My name is Mayuna. I’m a native Japanese speaker and a qualified Japanese language tutor. I’ve been teaching Japanese since 2018. I was born and raised in Tokyo Japan, and currently live in Osaka since 2017. I also have spent about 6 years of my life in English-speaking countries including Australia and the United Kingdom. In addition to teaching, I host a podcast on the Japanese language and have been distributing articles in the italki community since 2021 (#JapaneseLeague).

Notice: End of Youtube channel update

I don’t have enough time to edit videos recently, so I will stop updating my Youtube channel in season 2. Season 3 onwards will continue to be available on Spotify, Google Podcasts Apple Podcasts, and all other platforms listed below in this page. To everyone who subscribes to my Youtube channel, thank you so much for your supports.

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