S2 Ep14. 単語の覚え方


Hello, this is episode 14 of season 2 of my podcast. Summer has definitely arrived. It’s hot and I have the air conditioning on. I have resumed muscle training. This month has been busy as ever. Last weekend I had sushi with my students near Umeda station. It was very tasty.


Today I would like to talk about how to remember Japanese words. When learning new words, many people make flashcards. However, if the words on the flashcards are completely random, it can be hard to remember them. Think about which words you need to learn, how many and by when. I will talk about two ideas I use in my Japanese lessons.


The first method is to learn vocabulary from textbooks. This method is good if you are using textbooks in your Japanese studies. First, choose 10 words from the textbook, write them on flashcards and memorise them. After a week, look at only the Japanese on the flashcards and try to make sentences using the words. If you cannot remember the meaning of a word, look in the textbook, not the dictionary. Look at only the Japanese sentences in the textbook (not the translation) and see if you can remember the meaning of the word.


The second method is to learn frequently used words. This method is good if you often speak in Japanese lessons. First, choose 10 words used in the lesson, write them on the same page of your notebook, along with the meanings in your native language, and memorise them. (So that you will see all 10 words on the same page, to remind you of what you talked about in the lesson.) After a week, look at just the meanings of the words and try to remember how to say them in Japanese. If you can’t remember, look at the notebook, not the dictionary. Then check if you can remember the content of the conversation in the lesson.


It is said that a new word can be learned after remembering and forgetting it seven times. Well, I think that’s it for today. See you next time and thanks for listening!

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