S3E2. あたらしいパソコン


Hello. This is episode 2 of Season 3 of my podcast. I received my gold credit card last week. In Japan, the social standing of freelancers is generally low, but I’ve noticed that if you keep at it, your credit score will go up. It’s all thanks to you, my students and listeners. Rest assured, I’m going to keep providing content for you.

前回ぜんかいはパソコンをえるはなしをしました。今日きょうあたらしいパソコンを注文ちゅうもんしました。わたし注文ちゅうもんしたのはM1チップのMacBook Airです。M1モデルをえらんだ理由りゆうは2つあります。ひと理由りゆうはノッチです。M2モデルには画面がめんにノッチがついています。ノッチとはカメラのまわりのくろ部分ぶぶんのことです。わたしはよくメニューバーのなか使つかうので、ノッチが邪魔じゃまかんじました。ふた理由りゆうは、今年ことしの3がつにM3モデルが発売はつばいするといううわさがあったからです。M3モデルが発売はつばいしたら、M1モデルはなくなってしまうかもしれません。また3がつわたし今使いまつかっている2017年製ねんせいのMacBookのサポートが終了しゅうりょうします。サポートが終了しゅうりょうしたら、とき値段ねだんやすくなってしまうかもしれません。

Last time I talked about replacing my computer. Today I actually ordered a new computer. I ordered the MacBook Air with the M1 chip. I chose the M1 model for two reasons. The first reason is the notch. The notch is the black area around the camera. I often use the middle of the menu bar, so I found the notch annoying. The second reason is that there was a rumour that the M3 model would be released in March of this year. If the M3 model is released, the M1 model may disappear. In addition, support for my current 2017 MacBook is due to end in March. Once this happens, the resale value might fall.


However, since the M1 model was released in 2020, I was not sure if the specs would be sufficient. So I took advice from some of my students who know about computers and upgraded the unified memory to 16GB. I am a college student at the moment, so I get a student discount, and I also got a gift card as part of an Apple marketing campaign, so the total discount was 41800 yen. If we add in the Shitadori of my current 2017 MacBook, the price could fall by another 10,000 yen. Shitadori (trade-in) is when you buy something new and at the same time trade in the old product to the same store to get a discount. It was a very good buy. I am looking forward to receiving it.


Apple products are too expensive, but there are many people who buy the latest models every time. These dedicated fans are called Appuru Shinjya (Shinjya means followers of religions) in Japanese slang. Well, I think that’s it for today. See you next time and thanks for listening!